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Tall corn Ag. is a progressive, independently-owned, farm retail business located in Shenandoah, Iowa. We provide an array of product lines, which include chemicals, seed, feed, fertilizer, and custom application. We started this business with a vision of helping every producer to succeed in their business; and to this day we feel our vision is still in place and its shining bright.

Company Principles

Our principles at Tall Corn Ag. have formed our business into what it is today. It has been formed by incredible service, an honest handshake, and pure integrity; our word is our word. We completely understand that if our customers are not successful, we are not successful. We develop strategies with customer, knowing these strategies effect each and every customer; and their families. With these responsibilities in our hands, we approach everyday as an important day.

fertilizer services

Fertilizer Application

Increasing crop yield, improving nutrient efficiency, reducing environmental degradation – all of that is possible with the right kind of fertilizer application. It’s not enough to simply get the right blend of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – the timing is also vitally important. The application of fertilizers is a complex process that requires expertise and insight into the specific conditions of each field. Tall Corn Ag boasts qualified professionals, ready and willing to put their decades of experience to use in helping you achieve the best possible results.

In providing custom fertilizer applications, our priority is environmental sustainability. This assures that your soil yields not only short-term gains, but also remains fertile and viable for the foreseeable future. Our expertise is what allows us to pull this off, keeping the negative impacts of fertilization on human and environmental health to a minimum.

Fertilizer Sales

Looking for a cost-effective and highly efficient method of maximizing your crop yield? We’ve got exactly what you need! Tall Corn Ag offers a full line of fertilizer products, all manufactured by established brands, to help you get your yield to optimal levels. Browse our comprehensive offering to find the right product for the specific circumstances you’re facing, or consult our experts for a custom solution!

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Fertilizer Sales

Chemical Services

Chemical Application

To optimize agricultural output, a wide variety of chemicals is used. These include pesticides, fungicides, soil conditioners, acidifying and liming agents, as well as various hormones and antibiotics that have a role to play in raising livestock. When applied responsibly, these agrochemicals can result in immense benefits, ranging from crop yield improvement to soil fertility to efficient pest infestation management. The downside, of course, is the possibility of soil and water pollution due to agrochemical overuse. The benefits and the risks must be carefully weighed, which is why chemical application is a task best left to specialists.

At Tall Corn Ag, we’ve always prioritized sustainable ecosystem development in chemical application. This allows us to make sure that the soil stays healthy and viable for generations to come, minimizing the risks posed to human health and the environment at large.

Chemical Sales

Searching for safe, efficient, and competitively priced ways of protecting your crops and improving your yields? You’ve come to the right place! Tall Corn Ag carries a broad range of chemical products, all manufactured by established brands, catering to your every agricultural need. From fungicides to insecticides to soil conditioners, we’ll help you find the perfect solution for whatever issue your farm may be facing.

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Chemical Sales

Other Services

Crop Consulting

With decades of experience under the belt, Tall Corn Ag specialists stand ready to offer advice that helps your farming operations produce the results you need. From soil sampling to water management to fertilizer and chemical recommendations, we do it all and do it well!

Scouting & Spatial Analysis

The success of modern agriculture relies heavily on quality field scouting, as well as spatial data collection and analysis. Our experts employ GPS and GIS tools to provide critical insight into your farming operations, maximizing productivity while minimizing environmental degradation.

Feed Sales

Tall Corn Ag carries the broadest selection of quality livestock and pet feed products, all from reputable manufacturers, available at a wide range of price points. Consult our professionals to determine which products best suit your operation’s requirements, then get the feed you need!

Small Seed Sales

In the market for high-performing hybrids? Consult the experts at Tall Corn Ag to find the seed that fits your soil type and provides the optimal yield potential. Let us show you all the ways these products can boost your production!

Our Client Reviews

Quality products, plants thriving, would use again, 9/10

Todd W.

Great people to do business with, fertilizer works as advertised, very responsive customer service. I honestly have no complaints whatsoever!

R. J.

We’ve been using Tall Corn Ag for months now, mostly for bagged feed, and couldn’t be happier with their service. Fine people, knowledgeable and friendly. I would strongly recommend them.

Harriet B.

Our Team

Meet the talented team of professionals that keep things running smoothly here at Tall Corn Ag.

Doug Hobbie
Owner/Chemical and Fertilizer Sales
Alan Rodewald
Owner/Logistics/Operations, and Feed Sales
Tyler Rice
Doug Jamison
Kyle Owens
Jared Hiser
Alex Stripe
Angie Mann